Passing the Torch to the Class of 2025

SEED Maryland's Newest Freshmen and their families are honored at the 2017 Blazer Ceremony


On Friday, SEED Maryland's freshman class and their parents, grandparents, siblings, and extended family convened for the annual Blazer Ceremony in the Friedman Auditorium. During the ceremony, the Class of 2025 (so called because that is the year they plan to graduate from college) were formally bestowed the SEED Blue Blazer, which distinguishes them from their younger peers and marks their transition to high school. 

Before the ceremony, the Class of 2025 honored a few of its own. Eighteen members of the class were named prefects, which gives them additional responsibilities to the school and their classmates. Prefects are chosen based on strong academic performance as well as personal qualities, such as leadership potential. In his speech, one new prefect urged his peers to remember that today's hard work pays dividends. College may seem far away to most high school freshmen, but SEED students know it's never too early to start planning for their academic futures

The choices you make today - they really do matter.
— New SEED Prefect Bayron M.

Parents play a key role in our community, so it only makes sense that they would play a key role in the Blazer Ceremony. Many parents joined their children on stage to help them don the SEED Blue Blazer for the first time. As each student in the Class of 2025 crossed the stage, they were cheered on by family, SEED staff, and their peers--the same communities that will ultimately support them to and through college.