At SEED, we don't just send students to college--we equip them with the knowledge and resources they will need to graduate. Our holistic program encompasses academics, finances, and social/emotional well-being to prepare students for every aspect of the college experience.

We offer programs to prepare students at every stage of the college process, from junior year of high school to college completion. 

Programming for High School Students

college transition programming for 12th graders and families:

financial education workshops for 11th graders and families:

CTS College Transition Programming is a mandatory, semester-long course for SEED DC and SEED Maryland seniors. In addition to this course, students and their families also participate in Financial Aid workshops, where CTS provides one-on-one support to students and families as they complete financial aid applications together. 

The CTS team offers a series of workshops covering budgeting, banking, credit, saving, spending, The SEED Foundation Scholarship, and more. Students and families gain a strong foundation of knowledge about financial literacy, college affordability, and the value of higher education. 

Programming for SEED Graduates

The SEED Graduate Institute

The SEED Graduate Institute (SGI) is an annual weekend of professional, financial, and personal growth designed to help SEED graduates identify their career goals—and develop the plan and skills necessary to reach them.

Engaging experts from various fields, The SEED Graduate Institute (SGI) exposes SEED graduates to different career opportunities and enhances their social capital–providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully navigate a pathway through postsecondary education and employment. Led by The SEED Foundation’s College Transition & Success (CTS) team, SGI serves graduates from the four most recent classes of The SEED School of Washington, D.C. and The SEED School of Maryland. 

We need your help to make The SEED Graduate Institute a success!

[The SEED Graduate Institute] is not professional development as you’ve ever seen it before. It’s a time for you to reflect on what your life will really be like once you get to the real world.
— Cherrise, SEED DC '11, Virginia Commonwealth University '15

Your support helps SEED graduates achieve their dreams. Thank you! 

SEED Graduate Ambassadors

Invited to the program by SEED’s founders, a select group of SEED graduates serve as ambassadors for SEED. They receive annual professional development trainings in the areas of networking, public speaking, writing, and media interviews. In turn, the ambassadors play a critical role in our outreach and programmatic efforts—they write letters to donors, blog, participate in photography and video shoots, and speak at SEED events.