Why Does SEED Matter?

Should a child’s zip code determine his or her future? Are some children’s ambitions, strengths, and talents less worthy than others? The answers seem obvious, but the reality tells a different story.

For children growing up in a low-income household, receiving an excellent education is a series of seemingly insurmountable challenges:

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But it doesn't have to be this way.

What is SEED?

The Gift of Time

SEED's "Gift of Time"

SEED is the nation's first and only network of public, college-preparatory boarding schools designed for students who need--and deserve--a 24-hour learning environment to achieve their full potential. In classrooms, dorm meetings, dining halls, evening study halls, and exposure opportunities, our students become strong, determined, and self-aware. With the gift of time, we build a community of support that empowers students to own their educational journeys and succeed in college and beyond. 

We know that our students’ journeys are not finished on their high school graduation day, so neither are we. From their senior year through their college graduation, every SEED student/graduate has a staff member dedicated to their success thanks to SEED's College Transition & Success program.

The 900 students we serve in D.C., Maryland, and Miami in grades 6 - 12 - and our 450 graduates across the country - prove every day what we already know: that ALL students can achieve success at the highest levels and realize their dreams. Our beliefs drive everything we do (see below). 

Current SEED Schools

The SEED School of Washington, D.C.

Founded 1998

350 Students, grades 7-12


Founded 2008

400 Students, grades 6-12


Founded 2014

233 Students, grades 6-11
(will grow to grades 6-12)

Our Results

About 80% of SEED graduates are first-generation, college-bound students. And yet, they defy the odds starting early in their college careers and continuing through graduation day.

64% of SEED Graduates who enroll at a SEED-endorsed college graduate
*Results as of Fall 2015

*Demographic and performance data as of Fall 2016.

Our Beliefs

1.  College-Bound Culture

SEED provides students with the academic, organizational, and life skills that enable them to attend and graduate from college.

2.  A 24 - Hour Learning Environment

SEED commits to keeping every student safe and secure, to using the gift of time, and to providing fulfilling academic and life experiences.

3. Positive Culture of High Expectations

SEED students and staff are expected to relentlessly pursue excellence and to consistently exhibit the SEED core values.

4. Integrated & Engaging Program to Foster Love of Learning

SEED helps each student find his or her passion through academics, enrichment programs, social/emotional supports, and authentic experiences.

5. Individual Student Support

SEED commits to targeted student support and coordinated communication between students, parents and practitioners..


SEED schools use assessments and data analysis to show students their own progress and to keep practitioners focused and accountable.

7. Recruiting & Nurturing Outstanding Educators

SEED schools commit to hiring exceptional adults, and to supporting them so that they can better guide the achievement and success of SEED students.

8. Family & School Partnership

SEED collaborates with families to support the success of SEED students.

9. Community Relationships

SEED is committed to establishing relationships with community organizations to enhance the college readiness process for SEED students.