We are The SEED Foundation.

We help underserved students realize their potential and fulfill their dreams of college graduation through a unique, college-prep public boarding school model.


Who Do We Serve?

“My experience at SEED was both enriching and motivating. SEED always pushed me to be better, and they pushed me to make college a priority. College is something major for me, my family, and where I come from. SEED has prepared me so much for this step in my life.”
— Artiase, SEED DC '09, Ohio Wesleyan '13, Trinity Washington, '18

SEED has graduated a total of 381 SEED graduates since its first graduating classes in Washington, D.C. (2004) and Maryland (2015).


~80% Are First-Generation College Bound

~86% Are Eligible For Pell Grants in College


SEED Exists to Change the Odds

We believe in our students and graduates—that their potential is not pre-determined by their zip code, and neither are their dreams.

We believe that every moment is a chance to learn something new. We believe that our students should have opportunities to interact with the world around them, both near and far, so that they understand how they are a part of it. We believe that when we unleash the potential of a 24-hour learning environment, our students will become owners of their educational journeys and accomplish anything they set their minds to.