The SEED School of Maryland


*We hold graduates to a high bar by only reporting four-year college acceptance.


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CO-HEAD OF SCHOOL | Erika Asikoye

Ms. Asikoye is responsible for overseeing the staff of thirteen counselors, nurses, and psychologists that deliver non-instructional support for students. Whether it’s a 104-degree fever at 3:00 am or homesickness, Mrs. Asikoye knows about it. This responsibility is a “wonderful kind of overwhelming,” and she is motivated by the knowledge that the quality of care outside of the classroom directly affects student engagement in the classroom. She is motivated, too, by the dedication of her fellow SEED staff. As a member of a team that has spanned two schools and nine years, she knows how valuable the support of the SEED community can be.

CO-HEAD OF SCHOOL | Tiffany evans

Ms. Evans is a Founding SEED Maryland Staff Member. During her 10-year tenure, she has held several management positions within the Student Life Department, expanded the athletic program, rejuvenated the Volunteer Tutor & Mentor Program and managed the 21stCCLC Grant. She served as Senior Director of Student Life from 2016-2018. Before joining SEED Maryland, Ms. Evans was the Director of The Monarch Boarding Academy in Cleveland, Ohio. She has worked within the education system, residential boarding and boarding school programs since 1998, including communities of adults and adolescents with dual diagnosis, autism, and/or behavioral and mental health challenges. Ms. Evans has a passion for empowering our youth and developing their leadership potential. She also enjoys cultivating programs and partnerships. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park and her master’s degree in Social Science Administration (Social Work) from Case Western Reserve University; Cleveland, Ohio.


Harry Lebow | President, H. Poe Lebow Ltd.
Eric Loeb I International External and Regulatory Affairs, AT&T Services, Inc.
Steve McManus | Upper School Principal, Friends School of Baltimore
Marc Miller | Partner, McLeod, Watkinson & Miller
Lesley Poole | CEO, The SEED Foundation
Chris Rosenthal | Director, Ellin & Tucker
Julie Rothman | Photo Stylist, JulieRothmanStyles
Shane P. Smith | Managing Director, GenCo Strategy, Constellation Energy
Paul White | Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Bill Whiting | Vice President at The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Edward Brody, Trustee Emeritus | Founder and CEO of Brody Transportation Company, Inc.
C. Sylvia Brown, Trustee Emeritus | Educator, Property Management, Philanthropist, & Community Volunteer
John Claster, Trustee Emeritus
Raj Vinnakota, Trustee Emeritus | Founder of The SEED Foundation and Executive Vice President of the Youth & Engagement at the Aspen Institute
John H. Laporte, In Memoriam
Patricia B. Modell, In Memoriam


Earl Adams, Jr. | Partner at Saul Ewing LLP
Eric Adler | Co-Founder, The SEED Foundation & General Partner, Adler Associates
Richard (Tuck) S. Burch | Vice President, Octagon
Josh Burke | Sr. Director FP& A, Global Marketing at Under Armour
The Honorable Elijah Cummings | Member of the United States House of Representatives
Jennifer Curran | Attorney, Office of the Public Defender of Maryland
Steven Fedder | Partner, Feder & Janofsky LLC
Kelly Tubman Hardy, Chair | Partner, Hogan Lovells
Douglas Hoffberger | President, Keystone Realty Company
Sonya Hopson | Parent Trustee & NASA Senior Engineering Manager
Dawn Kirstaetter | Deputy Mayor of Health, Human Services, Education & Youth (Baltimore City)
Heather Klink | Deputy General Counsel, FTI Consulting

Core Values

Our core values drive everything we do--from our instructional practices to our school culture to the systems and processes we put in place each day:

COMPASSION | gratitude | Growth | INTEGRITY