What We’re Learning: Civil Rights Activist DeRay Mckesson Teaches SEED MD Seniors How to Be Effective Advocates

DeRay 5.JPG

At SEED, learning life skills is just as important as achieving academically. That’s why, in addition to our college-preparatory curriculum, we’re focused on providing students with the professional development experiences—including internships, social and emotional programming, and international travel—they need to explore their passions and gain real-world experiences.

On February 8, The SEED School of Maryland welcomed DeRay Mckesson as a guest speaker for its College and Career Transition class, which is led by the External Opportunities team. A Baltimore native, Mr. Mckesson is a civil rights activist focused primarily on issues of innovation, equity, and justice. A leading voice in the Black Lives Matter movement, Mr. Mckesson is also the founder of Pod Save the People, an award-winning weekly podcast.

Mr. Mckesson spoke with SEED MD seniors about the importance of learning to advocate for yourself and organizing for change in your own community. In addition, he shared key facts about police violence and talked to students about best practices in orchestrating a peaceful protest.

Chelsea Brown, the External Opportunities coordinator for The SEED School of Maryland, organized the event. She said, “We were so pleased to have Mr. Mckesson join us. The students are really interested in hearing from leaders like Mr. Mckesson, who are making a tremendous impact in the world. They enjoy learning about different careers and meeting professionals who look like them. This enables them to dream big when applying to college and making plans for their future careers.”

During the lively question-and-answer session, students learned more about what it takes to be a community activist. They also wanted to know if Mr. Mckesson ever gets tired or wants to stop protesting.

Mr. Mckesson said, “There are times I think about quitting, but the blue vest I wear serves as a reminder of what I’ve been through and encourages me to keep moving.”

“In this polarized time, our students need to be able to stand up for themselves,” Ms. Brown told us, “and that means finding and using data to advocate for themselves, versus only coming from a place of emotion. A lot of our students are applying to predominantly white institutions. Navigating a college experience is tough, and they will inevitably confront challenges. When they do, I want them to know their rights and be educated and informed.”

To learn more about DeRay Mckesson, click here.

To learn more about the External Opportunities program at SEED MD, click here.

Our Impact: SEED Miami Students Take the Leap

Did you learn to sing, play an instrument, draw, or dance in school?

If you’re like many Americans, you received arts programming in middle and high school as part of your required curriculum. Unfortunately, according to the National Endowment for the Arts, arts programming is on the decline. Some educators attribute the drop in arts education to a focus on standardized tests, which only measure achievement in core subjects. As the cliché goes, “What gets measured gets done.”

However, that may now change. In a groundbreaking, large-scale study, The Brookings Institution found that arts education matters. After analyzing 42 schools, researchers found that “a substantial increase in arts educational experiences has remarkable impacts on students’ academic, social, and emotional outcomes.” 

We agree!

At SEED Miami, we support our students by helping them to discover new talents and to deepen their interests through our Sparks program, a component of our Student Life curriculum. From robotics to drama, from origami and comic art to fitness, SEED Miami is providing students with programming and experiences to broaden their knowledge of the world and of themselves.

For the past five years, our students have attended Alvin Ailey performances and workshops and have enrolled in AileyCamp—a full-scholarship, six-week summer program featuring a variety of dance styles and classes, along with workshops on critical thinking, conflict resolution, and creative communication. Last month, the SEED Miami Sparks program partnered with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater to offer our students a safe and artistic environment in which to take dance classes.

Alvin Ailey.jpg

Most recently, Robert Battle, artistic director at Alvin Ailey, visited the students at SEED Miami and spoke about his journey through college and his path to becoming a dancer. During the question-and-answer session with Mr. Battle, students asked, “At what age did you first know that you wanted to become a dancer?” and “What advice would you give me if I was interested in someday being a principal dancer?”

At SEED, we see the real, positive impact of arts education on our students every day. It’s exciting to now have the data to back up what we know.

Thank you for your support of Sparks and for helping our students take the leap to becoming our next generation of creative thinkers, collaborators, and problem solvers!

To learn more about the Sparks program at SEED Miami, click here.

Robert Battle’s visit to SEED Miami was featured on News 7 Miami. To view the story, click here.

Meet Our Students: Monae Scott (SEED DC ’19) Receives Posse Scholarship


Tenacious, driven, and gifted are just a few words that capture the spirit of Monae Scott (SEED DC ’19). Monae began her journey with SEED as a sixth-grade student who was committed to making her dream of becoming a college graduate a reality. As a SEED scholar, she took advantage of every opportunity to gain a global perspective, such as traveling to Greece and Tanzania. While abroad, Monae was immersed in cultures much different than her own. This gave her a special outlook on class differences and their impacts on underserved populations in countries across the world.

On campus, Monae is a leader among her peers. She serves as a peer group counselor whose duties include mentoring younger students. She is also an active member of The SEED Falcon Theatre, an award-winning performing arts program designed to promote and develop scholars who have a passion for the creative and performing arts. As an advocate for her community, Monae participated in Project Soapbox last fall, a program that asks students to create a two-minute call-to-action speech. She focused on the food deserts of Wards 7 and 8 compared to the rest of her native DC.

These accomplishments have garnered Monae not one, but two academic scholarships toward her college education! She is the proud recipient of the Horatio Alger Association State Scholarship and was also chosen as a Posse Scholar. Posse Scholars receive full-tuition scholarships to attend one of The Posse Foundation’s partner colleges or universities.

In the fall of 2019, Monae will begin her college journey at Sewanee: The University of the South. We wish her much success!

Where Are They Now? Antwain Coward (SEED DC ’06, Case Western ’10, Georgetown ‘14) Establishes DistrictCryo

Antwain C..JPG

Since our founding in 1998, SEED has remained dedicated to providing underserved youth with an excellent education and the support they need to fulfill their dreams of becoming college graduates. This commitment has led to 502 students securing their high school diplomas and to 107 obtaining their bachelor’s degrees.

One of these graduates is Antwain Coward (SEED DC ’06). Now serving as a member of The SEED Foundation Board of Directors, Antwain has chosen to give back to the place he says made him “want to be exceptional.”

We caught up with Antwain this month to learn more about his college journey and where he is now.

What college or university did you attend?

I attended Case Western Reserve University, where I majored in finance and minored in information systems.

How was your transition from SEED to college?

I felt well-prepared for college after graduating from SEED. As a freshman at Case, I was ahead of most of my peers in reading, and in math I was right there. The AP courses I took at SEED really helped. I attribute a lot of my college success to the courses I took at SEED.

Did you stay connected to SEED while at Case?

A distinguishing element of SEED is the College Transition & Success (CTS) program. I remember it being in its early stages when I started at Case. Ms. Allen [founding staff member of the program] visited me to ensure my transition from SEED to college was smooth. She taught me to be my own advocate and to constantly seek professional and financial resources.

Through the CTS program, I also received stipends to help assist with day-to-day expenses. I also received care packages—which were a blessing.

What did you do after graduating from Case?

I always had an entrepreneurial itch. While working at KPMG as an experienced associate - financial manager, I enrolled at Georgetown University and obtained my master’s in technology management. Soon thereafter, I learned about cryotherapy [using cold temperatures as a medical therapy]. I flew to the only place on the East Coast specializing in this service. I tried it, saw its immediate impact, and knew it would be great for DC.

In 2016, I opened Washington DC’s first and only recovery and rejuvenation lab—DistrictCryo—to help individuals refresh from the wear and tear of everyday life.

How did your experience at SEED impact you?

SEED helped me realize that I had true potential and that I could be successful. They taught me the importance of being confident, which allowed me to vocalize my opinion in front of audiences, head organizations full of intelligent college students, network, and establish relationships with key individuals.

In addition to being academically prepared for college, SEED taught me essential life skills—like how to properly tie a tie and how to cook!

SEED made me want to be exceptional—and today I am living my dream.

To learn more about Antwain Coward and DistrictCryo, click here.

College Access and Success: Key Factors in Advancing Educational Equity

Join The SEED Foundation on Thursday, February 21, from 8:30am – 10:15am for “College Access and Success: Key Factors in Advancing Educational Equity,” a breakfast conversation. We will share our results-oriented approach to college matching and discuss best practices for improving college graduation rates for underrepresented students.

Our featured panelists include Dr. Michelle Gilliard, partner at Venture Philanthropy Partners, and Shavar Jeffries, national president at Democrats for Education Reform.

Michelle Final.png

Dr. Gilliard and Mr. Jeffries will join Lesley Poole, chief executive officer, and Vincena Allen, chief growth officer of The SEED Foundation for a lively discussion about college access and equity.  Dr. Jenna Aurand, senior study director at Westat, will facilitate.

Thank you to Scott and Stephanie Rostan for sponsoring this event.

Where:                 275 Madison Ave (entrance on 40th Street)

Suite 1201 (12th floor)

New York, NY 10016

When:                   Thursday, February 21, 2019 from 8:30 am - 10:15 am

RSVP:                    Please email Jasmine Hatcher at jhatcher@seedfoundation.com to RSVP today.

About The SEED Foundation

For the past 20 years, SEED has operated college preparatory public boarding schools and successfully supported students to and through college with our College Transition & Success program.  As we embark upon our next chapter, we are sharing what we have learned and elevating the urgency to close the opportunity and achievement gap for the most marginalized students.  Join us as we create a space for collective impact and time to courageously explore solutions.

15 SEED Seniors Receive SEED Foundation Scholarship

Fifteen SEED seniors will get an extra financial boost on their way to earning a college degree. Earlier this month, SEED staff, supporters and family members gathered to celebrate the students from SEED DC and SEED Maryland who were awarded the 2018 SEED Foundation Scholarship. Selected by a committee of non-SEED employees, each student will receive $2,000 to fill the gap left after financial aid and other scholarships are depleted. This scholarship—made possible by our generous supporters—covers essential expenses such as books, food and transportation.

The 2018 SEED Foundation Scholarship winners!

The 2018 SEED Foundation Scholarship winners!

At the reception, both heads of school—Jon Tucker of SEED Maryland and Mecha Inman of SEED DC—reflected on the hard work and dedication each student put forth during their seven years at SEED. Each student was presented with a certificate from a SEED College Success Advisor affirming their achievement. Maturity, integrity, enthusiasm, and drive were just a few adjectives our advisors used to describe these exceptional students.

Most touching were the well-wishes from family members and close friends. One parent shared how proud she was of the man her son had grown up to be and expressed her sincere appreciation for SEED’s support. Another encouraged each student to hold on to their integrity and to think wisely before jumping. Overall a theme resonated—no matter what challenge or obstacle our students face, their SEED family has their back and will continue to support and guide them on their journey to college completion.


We are so proud of the 2018 scholarship recipients and look forward to witnessing their upcoming success. Congratulations SEED scholars!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for highlights on each of our awardees.

SEED CEO Lesley Poole: "SEED Students Advocate for Their Own Futures"

Dear SEED Community and Friends,

A few weeks ago, more than 1.2 million people—including students, families, and staff from all three SEED schools— marched in hundreds of student-led events across the country. I love nothing more than when I see students speaking up for what they believe—armed with the confidence, the conviction, and the facts to effectively make their case.

Pictured: Students from SEED Maryland, with the support of teachers and staff, walked out of their classrooms and marched on the quad for 17 minutes -- one minute in solidarity with each life lost in Parkland this past Valentine's Day.

Pictured: Students from SEED Maryland, with the support of teachers and staff, walked out of their classrooms and marched on the quad for 17 minutes -- one minute in solidarity with each life lost in Parkland this past Valentine's Day.

For some, it starts early. Ask any group of students how they landed at SEED and one (or more) will tell you, “I wanted to go to SEED. I had to convince my parents it was right for me.”

Whether or not students arrive at SEED with natural leadership and advocacy ability, these are skills every student will need to build, practice, and master. In addition, because the students SEED serves will have to overcome remarkable odds to achieve their goal earning a college degree, we help them develop the skills to advocate for themselves from day one.

As our unique model allows, lessons around self-advocacy and activism are woven throughout our academic and student life curriculum. Visit SEED DC on National History Day* and you might see one of our senior girls embody six-year-old Ruby Bridges as she tells you, in first person, about being the first black student to integrate an all-white school in New Orleans. A young man in a suit may introduce himself as Congressman John Lewis, crossing Selma’s Pettus Bridge with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Another student might emerge as Mahatma Ghandi, having converted a sheet from his dorm room into an authentic-looking Indian dhoti.

A recent SEED Miami school-wide event had students adopting the arguments and viewpoints of Malcolm X and Dr. King in a debate about the most effective methods of social change and activism.

Additionally, SEED Maryland students develop skills to resolve interpersonal conflicts through a series of lessons on how to disagree respectfully. (When the head of Exelon Energy toured the campus, he was so impressed with the posters that accompany these lessons, he took a set back to his office.)

With seven years of intensive self-advocacy practice under their belts, our students arrive on their college campuses with a strong foundation on which to draw as they navigate their new surroundings. But as the data show, they’ll face challenges and setbacks that derail nine out of ten of their peers. The stakes couldn’t be higher. At this critical juncture, being able to effectively advocate for yourself carries profound, lifelong implications.

For this reason, SEED’s College Transition & Success team works side by side with our graduates to remind them of all the skills at their disposal. We make sure they’re aware of all the on-campus resources they can tap into. We help them troubleshoot their own academic, financial, or social challenges.

We don’t call the financial aid office to find out why a student’s scholarship wasn’t processed, or ask a professor for an extension when a personal crisis strikes. Instead, SEED coaches graduates in crafting the most effective strategy to advance their case. We make sure they’re the hero of their own story, that they’re building the confidence they need to be successful in college and beyond.

At the same time, we’re busy advocating on their behalf. We’re making the case for them when we campaign for authorizing legislation and appropriations in state capitals. We’re supporting their needs (and those of millions of others) when we press universities to improve on-campus supports. It’s on their behalf that we ask for philanthropic support from our community.

Thank you for your support—your personal and financial advocacy—on behalf of our students. With the backing of the SEED community, they’re doing more than earning their degrees—they’re gaining the passion and confidence to make a positive mark on the world.






Lesley Poole, Chief Executive Officer

*SEED DC history teacher Bill Stevens, who organizes and leads National History Day at the school, was recently nominated by the National Archives and Records Administration for the Harris History Teacher of the Year Award. The award recognizes “creative teaching methods that interest students in history and help them make exciting discoveries about the past.”

SEED Juniors Tour Nine Colleges and Universities

Last week, seventy juniors from SEED Maryland and SEED DC hopped on a bus and headed south to tour nine colleges and universities in Virginia and the Carolinas. Joined by school staff and Foundation College Transition & Success (CTS) advisors, this trip gave students a glimpse into college life and an opportunity to learn more about the support services that SEED's CTS team will provide them on their journey to college completion.

Junior College Tour - JMU 1.jpg

The week kicked off in Virginia with visits to George Mason University, Virginia Commonwealth UniversityOld Dominion University, and Hampton University. At each school, our students attended info sessions covering the admissions process, financial aid, and dorm life.  After tours of the schools’ library, student recreation centers and the dining halls, our students were prepared to begin drafting their college lists.

Heading further south, the tour made stops at North Carolina A&TQueens College, Winthrop University, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Duke University. Highlights included a financial literacy workshop with a panel discussion with local business experts on preparing to enter the “real world” and a DeStress Fest that equipped our students with techniques to ease the stress of midterms and finals.

The college tour for juniors is an important step in our student’s selection process. It helps ensure they have the tools to choose a college that is the right fit for them — one of the critical elements for success in college and beyond.

SEED Maryland Students Meet With Trailblazing Attorney Mrs. Betty Walker

Thanks to board member John Noel, junior and senior young women at SEED Maryland enjoyed a special treat recently when they met with an extended member of the Noel family, retired attorney Betty Walker! Mrs. Walker was the first black woman from the segregated south to attend Harvard Law School and only the third black woman to attend in the history of the school. Hers is the story of the American Dream—realized through education and hard work. Her drive to succeed was instilled in her by her grandmother who prioritized education above all else and fostered a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Mrs. Walker also attended Spelman College, whose motto is “A Choice to Change the World.” During introductions, the SEED MD students were asked to share what they would change about the world. Answers were as varied as they were profound. “I would make college free.” “I would eliminate health disparities in the African American community.” “I would have every woman walk with confidence in her own skin.” “I would cure cancer.”

Mrs. Walker encouraged the girls to learn their history. She talked about James Baldwin leaving the south to seek the “warmth of other suns” and—after a quick lesson on the Great Migration—described SEED as the first of many other suns she hopes the students will enjoy during their lives.

Betty Walker.jpg

Perhaps the most moving moment was when Mrs. Walker read a poem from a Spelman classmate of hers, a “promising young writer” named Alice Walker, below:

They were women then
My mama’s generation
Husky of voice—stout of
With fists as well as
How they battered down
And ironed
Starched white
How they led
Headragged generals
Across mined
To discover books
A place for us
How they knew what we
Must know
Without knowing a page
Of it
— Women, Alice Walker

As Mrs. Walker read, there was a rumbling among the students; they had studied the poem in class earlier this school year. It was one of those magical moments where the importance and relevance of classwork is illustrated outside the classroom.

And the Winner Is...SEED DC's Falcon Theatre!

IG Pic 1.jpg

This past weekend, a group of 20 students from the SEED School Falcon Theatre joined nearly 6,000 other singers, dancers, and actors from across the globe at the 2018 Junior Theater Festival (JTF) in Atlanta, Georgia! Lead by SEED DC staff Dr. LaMar Bagley, Ms. Randee Grant, and Ms. Tina Taylor, the SEED DC students performed an excerpt from "Aladdin, Jr." and attended master classes in acting, dance, voice, and technical theater led by industry professionals from Broadway and Hollywood. 

Jiejer Patrick.jpg

JTF 2018 was SEED DC's sixth consecutive year at the international festival--and our students continued their winning tradition with several awards! Senior Jiejer received the 2018 Sheridan Giles Technical Theater Scholarship, awarding him $500 to further his artistic education; scholar-artists Brianna, Dakara, and Carlos were recognized for their singing, choreography and dancing chops with an invitation to JTF's Broadway Slam, a collaborative performance with students from other schools. And last but far from least, longtime SEED DC staff leader Dr. LaMar Bagley received the Freddie G Fellowship, an elite award that recognizes America's top arts educators with a  $5,000 prize.

In between performances, workshops, and awards ceremonies, the SEED students ran into the cast and crew of the Oprah Winfrey Network show "Greenleaf." These television professionals were so intrigued by our students, and their talents, that they decided to spend the day with us! Actress Kim Hawthorne and makeup artist Yvonne Eagle shared bits of wisdom and cheered on The SEED Falcon Theatre crew. Finally, the students visited the CNN Headquarters for a behind-the-scenes look at television production, and the Center for Puppetry Arts for a hands-on history lesson on puppetry. You can see more pictures from their weekend of adventure on The Falcon Theatre's instagram page.

SEED Families Catch a Glimpse of their Futures at University of Maryland - College Park

Last Saturday, SEED DC high-schoolers and their families gathered at the University of Maryland, College Park for another Parent College Prep Academy (PCPA) event! Developed jointly by SEED DC and The SEED Foundation's College Transition & Success Team, the PCPA program gives students and families an early glimpse at the applications process, college fit and match, and options for financial support--not to mention exposure to a real college campus.


The day started with a tour of the campus (and a quick stop for lunch at the dining hall for some brain food). After that, the group gathered for a Q&A Session with four current University of Maryland students, including SEED grad Shamari Pratt (SEED DC '14). Each panelist described what led them to UMD College Park before fielding questions from our students and their families. Shamari stressed the importance of finding a mentor, and urged the students to take advantage of SEED DC's many extracurricular activities.

After the Q&A session, our students and their families attended college fit and match and financial aid workshops. Led by our team of College Transition & Success experts, these workshops covered financial assistance, on-campus resources, and other factors that lead to college success. The Parent College Prep Academy truly makes college access and success a family affair. 

Thank you again to the Flamboyan Foundation for partnering with the Parent College Prep Academy, and to our hosts at the University of Maryland - College Park!


Passing the Torch to the Class of 2025

SEED Maryland's Newest Freshmen and their families are honored at the 2017 Blazer Ceremony


On Friday, SEED Maryland's freshman class and their parents, grandparents, siblings, and extended family convened for the annual Blazer Ceremony in the Friedman Auditorium. During the ceremony, the Class of 2025 (so called because that is the year they plan to graduate from college) were formally bestowed the SEED Blue Blazer, which distinguishes them from their younger peers and marks their transition to high school. 

Before the ceremony, the Class of 2025 honored a few of its own. Eighteen members of the class were named prefects, which gives them additional responsibilities to the school and their classmates. Prefects are chosen based on strong academic performance as well as personal qualities, such as leadership potential. In his speech, one new prefect urged his peers to remember that today's hard work pays dividends. College may seem far away to most high school freshmen, but SEED students know it's never too early to start planning for their academic futures

The choices you make today - they really do matter.
— New SEED Prefect Bayron M.

Parents play a key role in our community, so it only makes sense that they would play a key role in the Blazer Ceremony. Many parents joined their children on stage to help them don the SEED Blue Blazer for the first time. As each student in the Class of 2025 crossed the stage, they were cheered on by family, SEED staff, and their peers--the same communities that will ultimately support them to and through college. 


#SEEDGradsSucceed: College Outreach Visits straight from our CTS Advisors (Part 5)

Jordan VISITs SEED GRADS AT North Carolina A&T!

Our advisors' annual College Outreach Visits are a key ingredient to CTS's "secret sauce." Below, follow Jordan on the final CTS social media takeover of the season as he visits Quonnetta (SEED DC ‘17), Cierra (SEED DC ‘17), DeAsia (SEED MD '16), Jasmyn (SEED DC '16), and Darcia (SEED DC '14) at North Carolina A&T State University. (Scroll down for previous installments in the #SEEDGradsSucceed series!)

NCA&T Jordan Hello 10.24.2017.jpg

Good morning SEED family!

It is a pleasure to join you all once more as I wrap up my Fall College Outreach Visit Season. Again, I am Mr. Frasier, College Success Advisor for The SEED Foundation’s College Transition & Success (CTS) Team. I am currently at North Carolina A&T State University, a Historically Black College & University (HBCU) in Greensboro, NC. I'm taking the time to check in with our SEED Graduates, to see how they are doing academically, financially, and socially/emotionally. Please join me for a sneak peek into my trip.

Quonnetta (SEED DC '17) and I just came from her Chemistry class, where they reviewed chemical reactions and took a quiz. She is currently a first year at North Carolina A&T State University majoring in Computer Engineering. We sat down to make sure her financial account was up to date, and noticed that she is still waiting on one of her outside scholarships, so now she's sending them an email to follow up. It's always great to see our SEED Graduates taking ownership of their experience and communicating with the right supports and offices on campus to overcome any barriers. Now Quonnetta is off to go study her notes and prepare for her next quiz in Chemistry on Thursday! I'm looking forward to seeing her again for the SEED Family Dinner later this afternoon.

NCA&T Quonetta Financial Aid 10.24.2017.jpg

NCA&T Quonetta Smiling 10.24.2017.JPG

Quonnetta after our campus tour and one on one time yesterday. She just celebrated her birthday last Friday and is still excited about it!

So glad I got the chance to catch up with Darcia (SEED DC ‘14). Darcia is in her 4th year at North Carolina A&T State University majoring in Elementary Education. She is looking forward to coming back to DC to teach and give back to DC public schools. We sat and reminisced about our College Outreach Visit her first year at NC A&T, Unfortunately, she has a class tonight and won’t be able to make our SEED Family Dinner. However, she got one on one time with me for lunch!

NCA&T Darcia 10.24.2017.jpg

It is a beautiful day on North Carolina A&T State University’s campus. Jasmyn (SEED DC ‘16) and I met up at the center of campus to take a new picture. Jasmyn is a 2nd year transfer student here at NC A&T. She transferred here after completing her first year at Bennett College for Women, which is right around the corner. She enjoyed her experience at Bennett. However, she wanted access to more programs and activities. She is enjoying her transition and enjoys the new Academic challenges of NC A&T. She is also now a member of their intramural Volleyball team. Volleyball is her outlet! 

I admire this friendship & sisterhood! Cierra & Quonnetta (SEED DC ‘17) are both first years at North Carolina A&T State University. They've been roommates since sixth grade at SEED, and are now continuing their tradition at NC A&T. Our SEED Graduates have 7 years of residential living experience, which makes living in college dormitories a breeze for them. 

The great thing about visiting Greensboro, NC is the close proximity of colleges our SEED Graduates attend. I came around the corner to Bennett College for Women to check in with DeAsia (SEED Maryland '16). She is in her second year majoring in Biology. We caught up before heading to the SEED Family Dinner with the rest of the SEED Graduates in the area.

NCA&T DeAsia 10.24.2017.jpg

NCA&T Dinner Collage 10.24.2017.jpg

There is nothing like bringing together a group of SEED Graduates from the classes of 2014-2017 for a SEED Family Dinner. North Carolina A&T State University, Bennett College, and The University of North Carolina at Greensboro are all represented tonight! We are thankful to be able to bring our SEED Graduates together to reminisce about times at SEED, their college experiences, and advice from the older Graduates.

The first half of my trip is complete at North Carolina A&T State University. Thank you for following my journey today! Next Stop: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro - UNCG, and next week at St. Mary's College of Maryland. I have thoroughly enjoyed checking in with our SEED Graduates this season and look forward to continuing to support them through to college completion.

#SEEDGradsSucceed: College Outreach Visits straight from our CTS Advisors (Part 4)


Our advisors' annual College Outreach Visits are a key ingredient to CTS's "secret sauce." Below, follow Ashley and Lydia as they visit Tayhlor (SEED DC '15), Bianca (SEED MD '17), and Charda (SEED MD '17) at Towson University. (Scroll down for previous installments in the #SEEDGradsSucceed series!)

Towson Ashley Hello 10.17.2017.JPG

9:00 AM: Arriving on campus at Towson University

Good morning SEED network! My name is Ms. Murray and I am one of the newest College Success Advisors with the College Transition & Success (CTS) Team at SEED! I'm so excited to be taking over the Foundation's social media today, along with my colleague Ms. Weiss as we visit Towson University for the first time ever! On this College Outreach Visit, I get to meet junior Tayhlor (SEED DC '15) and learn more about her time so far at Towson. I hope you enjoy this journey with me as I sit in on class, form relationships with campus administrators who support our students, and learn more about what Towson has to offer! 

11:00 AM: Touring Towson with Tayhlor

Please meet the lovely Tayhlor (SEED DC '15; Towson '19)! Tayhlor is a junior studying Theatre Production and Design. What she enjoys most about Towson is the environment. She told me that she had no expectations when she transferred here, but she loved how diverse the campus was! Tayhlor led me on a campus tour which ended at her favorite building, the Center for the Arts. All of her classes are in this building, and she's even worked on a student production here called "The Queen's Curse". And in a couple weeks she will begin working on her second production! Now we're off to class! 

Towson Meet Taylhor 10.17.2017.jpg

Towson Taylhor Theater History 10.17.2017.jpg

12:00 PM: Time for Class

I'm currently sitting in on Tayhlor's Theatre History class, listening to a group presentation on the classical Sanskrit play, Shakuntala. Tayhlor's group did their presentation a few weeks ago on the Greek tragedy, Antigone. I think it's amazing all the different cultures and histories they get to learn about in the classroom!


3:00 PM: A Few Friendly Faces

Hey everyone, look who I found! Ms. Weiss is also at Towson visiting SEED Maryland '17 grads J'Vaughn, Bianca, and Charda. We just left the Center for Student Diversity where we learned of some really great resources for Towson students! They do a lot to support first-generation college students, from hosting networking opportunities to offering scholarships! The Director of Student Success Programs stressed that students who stay connected tend to persist better through college. It is wonderful to know our students can receive so much support, and we can't wait to get them connected!

Towson Lydia and Ashley 10.17.2017.jpg

9:00 AM: Towson COV Takeover Day Two!

Good morning, SEED friends! I'm back and ready for day number TWO at Towson University. My first stop is class with Charda (SEED MD '17) then class with Bianca (SEED MD '17). After that, I'm going to connect them with a few on-campus resources, like the folks at the Office of Diversity and Student Affairs that Ms. Murray and I met with yesterday. I'm beside myself with excitement (can you tell?) to be spending another day on this beautiful campus with my fabulous grads!

Towson Lydia Hello 10.19.2017.JPG

Towson Charda 10.18.2017.jpg

12:00 PM: Productive Pizza Party!

I just finished sitting in class with my grads, now it's time for one-on-one meetings - starting with Charda! We are completing her FAFSA application (hooray for it being open already!) for 2018-2019. Not only are we being productive by getting this important task finished before the deadline, but it was made even better with a slice of free pizza!

1:00 PM: Time for Some Brain Food! 

Next stop: LUNCH. It was great spending time with these two! They haven't seen each other since starting school at Towson, so they had a lot to catch up on. My stomach hurts from laughing so much - they have such good energy!

Towson Charda and Bianca Lunch 10.19.2017.jpg

Towson Bianca Dorm 10.19.2017.jpg

3:00 PM: Touring the Dorms with Bianca

After lunch, I did a campus tour and one-on-one time with Bianca. The first stop was her dorm - she lives in a suite with a sophomore. Bianca likes her dorm, especially because it's close to all her classes on campus. She said her RA is very involved and her floor is always doing fun things together as a group!

Towson Charda and Bianca Sign 10.19.2017.jpg

6:00 PM: Saying So Long to our SEED Grads!

Second day at Towson: COMPLETE. It was great spending the day with Bianca and Charda, and getting to learn what a day in their shoes looks like! Thanks for following me during this Social Media Takeover, and stay tuned for Mr. Frasier's College Outreach Visit at North Carolina A&T State University next week!

Hands-on learning at the kickoff of DC #HousingWeek2017


There's nothing like learning by doing! On Monday, five SEED School of Washington, D.C. students attended the groundbreaking at the future R. L. Christian Apartments, a 100% affordable housing development. SEED student Ke'Ev's questions about homelessness and affordable housing impressed Mayor Bowser so much, she called Ke'ev forward and invited him to help break the sod! 

Ke'Ev and his classmates have been taking Introduction to Urban Planning this semester, a new course offered at SEED DC taught by Mr. Epps. The course covers a wide range of issues, with an emphasis on local development and affordable housing. Mr. Epps jumped at the chance to get these students some hands-on experience. "Hearing vocabulary and themes from our earlier lessons allowed them to absorb the opportunity," he says. 

#SEEDGradsSucceed: College Outreach Visits straight from our CTS Advisors (Part 3)


This is the third installment of SEED's College Transition & Success tales from the road, where our advisors give a first-hand account of a day in the life of a College Outreach Visit. Scroll further down our blog to see earlier adventures!

9:00am: Kicking off at Old Dominion University!

Good morning SEED family! My name is Ms. Middleton, and I am a College Success Advisor with the College Transition and Success (CTS) team at SEED. Thanks to my fellow Advisors Mr. Frasier and Ms. Weiss for sharing their campus visits over the past two weeks! Today, I'll be sharing with you my visit to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA to visit 6 SEED graduates - first-years Diamond, Johnae, Misty, Sakari, and Zhane' (SEED DC '17) and junior Sherrick (SEED DC '15). I'll be attending classes, visiting with on-campus support services, and catching up with our grads, so stay tuned for more updates!

ODU Liz Fountain 10.4.2017.jpg

ODU Sakari SSS 10.4.2017.jpg

10:00am: Checking out the Student Support Services

I'm spending the first part of my morning with Sakari, a first-year student and nursing major at ODU. After attending her Intro to Dance class (where she made me promise not to take any pictures), she introduced me to the folks at ODU's Student Success Center. Sakari, along with our other SEED grads, participates in the Student Support Services and TRIO programs on campus. These provide students with academic advising, mentors, tutors in every subject, personal development workshops, and sometimes even financial support. I am thrilled all of our SEED grads are involved with Student Support Services at ODU! 

12:00pm: Time to hit the books!

I'm now on to English class with Diamond, another first-year student who is considering a major in Criminal Justice. Diamond gave me a quick campus tour and pointed out the Writing Center and Tutoring Center, which are conveniently located in the library. She has used both of these resources already for her classes and has found them very helpful. I'm happy to see that ODU offers strong academic supports, and that our grads are taking advantage of them!

2:00pm: Gotta love a dorm with a view!

Meet Misty, another first-year at ODU who is considering majors in English and Philosophy. Misty and I caught up outside of her dorm and enjoyed this beautiful view behind us. All five of our first-years here live in the same section of campus, so they see each other and spend time together often. There is even a dining hall conveniently located in Misty's dorm where they can share meals. Now that she feels settled, Misty is looking forward to getting involved in more clubs on campus, such as Anime Club and organizations for students who like to write.

4:00pm: It's all about that work-life balance

 I snapped this quick picture of Zhane', another first-year at Old Dominion, while she was playing tour guide and showing me all the places on campus where she spends her time. In between classes and attending Student Support Services/TRIO programming, Zhane' works in the recreation center, where she helps in the back office with paperwork and data entry. Her supervisor appreciates how efficiently she works! We made a quick stop to grab some food, and Zhane' headed off to work, all dressed up in her uniform of ODU gear. Thanks for the tour!

ODU Zhane Dining Commons 10.4.2017.jpg

6:00pm: Crossing and dotting our financial t's and i's

I spent some time with Johnae between her classes and the many activities she's already involved with at ODU. In addition to working with TRIO, Johnae is a member of the ODU Women's Club Volleyball team as well as an on-campus choir group! She has enjoyed all of her activities and feels like Old Dominion is the perfect fit for her. We took some time our of her busy schedule to catch up and fill out her FAFSA for the 18-19 school year, which opened on October 1. I am excited to see Johnae involved in so many activities that bring her joy!

ODU Johnae 10.4.2017.jpg

ODU Group Dinner Commons 10.4.2017.jpg

9:00pm: Ending the visit on a high (and delicious) note

It's our last stop of the day - dinner! After a busy week, everyone is excited to get off campus and have dinner with friends. It's been great visiting these young ladies and seeing how well they are doing at college already. Thanks for following, and stay tuned for another CTS social media takeover soon!

#SEEDGradsSucceed: College Outreach Visits straight from our CTS Advisors (Part 2)


Our advisors' annual College Outreach Visits are a key ingredient to CTS's "secret sauce." Below, follow Lydia and Joi as they visit SEED Maryland's 2017 valedictorian Jackie at Stevenson University. (Scroll down for Jordan's visit to University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point!)

Stevenson Lydia Good Morning! 10.3.2017.jpg

8:00am: Arriving on campus at Stevenson University

Good morning SEED community! My name is Ms. Weiss and I am a new College Success Advisor with the CTS team. Today I am doing my first local College Outreach Visit on Stevenson University's Owing Mills campus. I am beside myself with excitement to see a small snapshot of what a typical day looks like for Jackie (SEED MD, Class of 2017). I'm going to sit in a class, check out the dorms, get a tour of campus, and eat a meal with Jackie! Now that I've got my caffeine, it's time to head over to the administrative buildings and start connecting with the wonderful staff here at Stevenson! 

9:00am: Establishing Community at Stevenson University

Everyone meet Jackie! She is a first-year student at Stevenson majoring in nursing. The first stop on my campus tour was the Ratcliffe Community Center, this is a great spot for students to hang out, play pool, and do homework. Jackie hangs out there with friends and likes to play basketball and ping pong!

Stevenson Jackie Community Center 10.3.2017.jpg

Stevenson Jackie Dorm 10.3.2017.jpg

11:00am: Meet the Roommate!

Next up, Jackie's dorm! She shares a suite with a junior and her RA (who is also a nursing major!) which she thinks is super helpful :)

Stevenson Freshman Seminar 10.3.2017.jpg

1:00pm: Let the Learning Begin!

I got to sit in Jackie's Freshman Seminar class this afternoon! She's taking this class with other nursing majors, which is a great way to meet and get to know other people in her cohort :)

4:00pm: A little luck never hurt!

 There are mustangs all over campus since that is Stevenson's mascot. When I asked Jackie to pose with this one, she said she is rubbing the mustang's nose for good luck as she pursues her degree and plans to graduate in 2020!

Stevenson Jackie Mustang 10.3.2017.jpg

Stevenson Jackie Dinner 10.3.2017.jpg

7:00PM: The best part of the day: dinner with your advisor!

College Outreach Visits aren't officially complete until we eat a meal together with our advisees! Grads get to pick wherever they want to eat - Jackie picked iHop! Her go-to meal here is chicken florentine crepes. They hit the spot :)

Stevenson Lydia Joi Jackie 10.3.2017.jpg

9:00pm: Time to head home!

Annnnnnd that's a wrap, folks! I had a great day spending time with Jackie on campus. I learned more about what a life for a Stevenson student is like and cannot wait to be on campus again! Thanks for spending the day with SEED, Jackie! Also thanks to Ms. Baker for being our photographer and spending the day with us.

#SEEDGradsSucceed: CTS Advisors Visit Our Graduates on Campus (Part 1)


College Outreach Visits have always been a SEED staple because they cement the graduate-advisor relationship and ease the transition to college. For the second year in a row, we asked our College Transition & Success (CTS) advisors to take over our social media handle and share first-hand accounts from their college outreach visits across the country. Below is the first installment for the year, from when Jordan visited with SEVEN(!) SEED grads at The University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point! 

UWSP Jordan Arrives 9.26.2017.JPG

9:00am: Arrive at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Good Morning! I am Mr. Frasier, College Success Advisor from The SEED Foundation’s College Transition & Success (CTS) Team. I serve as a post-secondary support to our SEED Graduates as they transition to--and through!--college completion. I am excited to bring you along on my first College Outreach Visit of the season. Every SEED graduate receives a visit from their advisor during freshman year to make sure they're staying on track academically, socially/emotionally, and financially. Over the next three days, I am at UW-Stevens Point to visit four first-year students and three upperclassmen. I hope you enjoy snapshots of my trip and continue to follow along as CTS takes over SEED's Social Media.

12:00pm Taking a Snack Break with Tajeeh!

Everyone say hello to Tajeeh (The SEED School of Maryland ‘17; UWSP ‘21). He is in his first year at UW-Stevens Point, and is double majoring in psychology & sociology with a minor in creative writing. We just finished catching up, touring his dorm, and tackling a few financial aid concerns. After all that, we built up quite an appetite!

UWSP Jordan and Tajeeh Lunch 9.26.2017.jpg

UWSP Dominick and Trisha 9.26.2017.jpg

2:00PM - Dominick (The SEED School of Maryland ‘17; UWSP ‘21) with his “Second Mom” Trisha, who is the Director of Tutoring and Learning at UW-Stevens Point. Dominick and our other first years are involved in a mentor program called LEAP where they are matched with an upper classmen mentor, have a weekly college success course, and it gave them the opportunity to come out to UWSP a week early where Dominick was hosted by Trisha and her family that week

UWSP Chris John Noel 9.27.2017.jpg

Day 2: 10:00am: History of Theatre Class with Chris

Good morning everyone! This is Day #2 at UW-Stevens Point. I just met up with Chris (The SEED School of Washington, D.C. ‘17; UWSP ‘21). So far, his favorite class has been his Theater History course. He says: “It's great to learn about the history of my chosen craft” Chris was a very active member of The SEED Falcon Theatre while he was a student at SEED DC. He could be found on stage as Timon during the performance of The Lion King Jr. during his Junior year. The Fine Arts building at UWSP is named in honor of SEED Board Member John Noel and his wife Patty, strong supporters of both The SEED Foundation and our grads at UWSP!

UWSP Anotnio 9.28.2017.jpg

Day 2, 1:00pm: Visiting Antonio at Work

 Hey Everyone! I just got finished catching up with Antonio, who graduated from SEED Maryland in 2015; he is in his 3rd year at UWSP. We connected at his on-campus job in the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, where he helps to plan events. He is currently planning a Color Run for the Spring to raise awareness regarding equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. It is great to see our SEED Grads being leaders on college campuses nationwide! 

UWSP Family Dinner 9.27.2017.jpg

Day 2, 8:00pm: Dinner with the young men of SEED & UWSP

 During our College Outreach Visits, we bring together our first years and upperclassmen for a SEED family dinner. It’s a great chance for all the SEED grads on campus to connect with each other and chat about what’s going on in their world. And what college student can resist a night where they don’t have to eat cafeteria food?

This picture makes me smile for many reasons, but these two really make it stand out in my mind. First, this group is a mix of both SEED DC and SEED Maryland graduates from the classes of 2014, 2015, and 2017, all currently attending UW-Stevens Point. Second, I am surrounded by just a small sample of the young African American men that I have the pleasure of supporting to -and through!- college completion.

Thank you for taking the time to follow my College Outreach Visit to UW-Stevens Point. I hope you enjoy getting a little sneak peek into my world as I travel to see our SEED Graduates at their respective Colleges & Universities.

Bryon Ford: "Open a Student's Mind to a World of Possibilities"

Pictured: Bryon Ford (SEED DC '12, Morehouse '16), came back to SEED DC as a student life counselor and teacher to "pay his tithes" to his community.

Pictured: Bryon Ford (SEED DC '12, Morehouse '16), came back to SEED DC as a student life counselor and teacher to "pay his tithes" to his community.

Dear SEED Community and Friends,

If I ever believed in stereotypes, my mentors at SEED shattered them immediately. Together, they showed me different ways to be a black man—that black men could be scientists and engineers; intellectuals; even natty dressers. In fact, my entire SEED experience was really a crash course in how different peoples, cultures, and communities coexist—and the common humanity that unites us all. 

I believe that the terrible events in Charlottesville, and the overall spike in racial tension and violence in this country, are the result of willful ignorance. The people who perpetuate these acts have deliberately chosen to isolate themselves from people of other beliefs or skin colors. This isolation, in turn, enables them to dehumanize those “others.”

If ignorance is the disease, then a SEED education is a vaccine. The kind of ignorance and narrow-mindedness that feeds hatred would be utterly impossible for a SEED student. Stereotypes could not withstand the many enrichment opportunities that I—and now my students—are fortunate enough to experience. SEED isn’t just shaping our young people into college graduates: we’re shaping them into citizens of the world.

We can’t offer our students these life-changing mentorships and opportunities without you. Donate to The SEED Foundation today to open a student’s mind to a world of possibilities.


Bryon Ford signature.PNG

Bryon Ford                                           
Student Life Counselor & African-American history teacher, SEED DC
SEED DC ’12, Morehouse College ’16

P.S. Bryon is just one of our graduates (and now staff members) who continue to give back to his community. To learn more about Bryon, click here

#SEEDSummerLearning: Brazil Edition!

Last year, three students from Onda Solidária in Brazil hopped on a plane for the first time and visited SEED DC and SEED Maryland. This summer, it was the SEED students' turn to enjoy Onda Solidária's hospitality in Brazil! From digging their fingers in the dirt at an organic community garden to a spontaneous dance competition, our students gained international perspective and had a ton of fun.  We're proud of these young travelers for embodying the spirit of SEED Summer Learning! 

Our hosts at Onda Solidária wasted no time on introductions; as soon as SEED students arrived, the kids were trading lessons on the finer points of futebol vs. football and breaking the ice with a few pickup games. Despite the language barrier, there were plenty of jokes and smiles all around. After the warm-up, SEED students participated in a dance clinic on the Samba. Of course, our students returned the favor and showed our hosts some moves of their own! The SEED students made sure to hit all the tourist spots before heading to their next destination, leaving some time at the beach to catch a few of Rio's famous rays.


After exploring the sights and sounds of Rio de Janeiro, our students (and chaperones!) were excited to get out of the city and see some of Brazil's natural wonders. Only a few hours away, in Ibitipoca State Park, the students spent a full day hiking up hilltop trails and splashing in streams fed by waterfalls. Students also explored the grounds at Vila do Sonhos, an educational center, organic garden, and food kitchen managed by Onda Solidária. There, SEED students harvested heirloom crops such as cassava and learned traditional Brazilian cooking techniques. 

We are incredibly grateful to Onda Solidária for opening their doors to SEED, and we look forward to hosting--and visiting--them again soon!

Special thanks to every member of The SEED Community that got behind this dream and made it happen, to the chaperones that touched our hearts, and to the youth who became great new friends and acted as true ambassadors.
— Ricardo Calçado, Onda Solidária