2017 Annual Report

On the occasion of our 20th anniversary, we celebrate our achievements and reflect on 20 major lessons that we have learned as a network--through the lens of 20 extraordinary members of the SEED community.

The 2016 Annual Report

The SEED Network is greater than the sum of its parts. In this Annual Report, we show how cross-network pollination promotes best practices and helps us provide our students with the best educational experiences possible.

2015 Annual Report

The 2015 Annual Report follows our students and graduates as they become entrepreneurs, explorers, and college graduates, and our award-winning educators (see page 10 for DC’s 2016 Teacher of the Year!), who have already become extraordinary role models.


The 2014 Annual Report is a celebration of what our students, parents, teachers, staff, and supporters are able to accomplish with SEED’s gift of time. It rejoices in the answers to one simple question: what can you do with 24 hours?