What is Intrusive Advising?

It's one thing to prepare students for college; it's another to help them stay on track when unexpected challenges happen. CTS advisors serve as expert, advocate, mentor, and cheerleader, which is why building meaningful relationships with graduates is core to CTS’s success.

Our goal is that, through intrusive advising, graduates learn to make academic and personal decisions proactively, setting themselves up for success for college and their careers. 

Here is a true story of how CTS assisted a graduate facing an unexpected challenge:

College Outreach

Above all, our CTS advisors are trusted college completion experts.  They get to know each graduate on a personal level, and customize their advising to meet that graduate’s needs.

These relationships are built on constant contact between advisors and graduates. These are just a few of the ways that advisors connect with their advisees:

The CTS team meets every single SEED graduate on his or her campus during the first semester at that college. They learn about that graduate's specific needs and challenges, and what resources his or her university offers. They hold one-on-one goal-oriented advising sessions with graduates, and they meet with designated university administrators from departments like Student Support Services, Multicultural Affairs, Academic Advising, Financial Aid, and Counseling Services. 

College Outreach Visits





The CTS team sends graduates thoughtful goodies and notes to remind them that we’re thinking of them during important times of the year, and to inspire them with morale-boosters.

Care Packages, Encouragement Cards & Birthday Wishes


Advisors regularly touch base with graduates to share internship and fellowship opportunities that might suit them, remind them of financial aid deadlines, or simply ask how they’re doing.

Emails, Texts & Social Media Outreach


Graduation season is the highlight of the CTS advisors’ year. From April through June, and in December, CTS advisors travel to universities across the country to celebrate with our graduates. 

College Graduation

We build strong relationships so that when the unexpected happens, our graduates have a trusted expert on speed dial.
— Vincena Allen, Chief Growth Officer (pictured on left)