The success of our students has not gone unnoticed.

Click on the news outlets below to see what they've said about us.

"How the SEED School is Changing Lives," Byron Pitts, 2010

"Planting Seeds in Baltimore," Thomas Friedman, 2015

"D.C.'s Teacher of the Year on What We Don't Understand About Students," Joe Heim, 2016

"Taking Root," Andrew Zaleski, 2015

"SEED Miami is Growing Achievers," Melanie Damian & David Lawrence, Jr., 2015

A documentary film by Davis Guggenheim, 2010                                         

Oprah's Angel Network, 2004                                                                           

"Selecting the Right Fit College is Crucial to College Success," Vincena Allen, 2014

"Hope in the Unseen," Thomas Friedman, 2008

"The Inner City Prep Experience," 2009

"How to Define Success for Yourself," 2014

"Public Boarding School Reaps Great Success," 2010

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