#SEEDGradsSucceed: College Outreach Visits straight from our CTS Advisors (Part 5)

Jordan VISITs SEED GRADS AT North Carolina A&T!

Our advisors' annual College Outreach Visits are a key ingredient to CTS's "secret sauce." Below, follow Jordan on the final CTS social media takeover of the season as he visits Quonnetta (SEED DC ‘17), Cierra (SEED DC ‘17), DeAsia (SEED MD '16), Jasmyn (SEED DC '16), and Darcia (SEED DC '14) at North Carolina A&T State University. (Scroll down for previous installments in the #SEEDGradsSucceed series!)

NCA&T Jordan Hello 10.24.2017.jpg

Good morning SEED family!

It is a pleasure to join you all once more as I wrap up my Fall College Outreach Visit Season. Again, I am Mr. Frasier, College Success Advisor for The SEED Foundation’s College Transition & Success (CTS) Team. I am currently at North Carolina A&T State University, a Historically Black College & University (HBCU) in Greensboro, NC. I'm taking the time to check in with our SEED Graduates, to see how they are doing academically, financially, and socially/emotionally. Please join me for a sneak peek into my trip.

Quonnetta (SEED DC '17) and I just came from her Chemistry class, where they reviewed chemical reactions and took a quiz. She is currently a first year at North Carolina A&T State University majoring in Computer Engineering. We sat down to make sure her financial account was up to date, and noticed that she is still waiting on one of her outside scholarships, so now she's sending them an email to follow up. It's always great to see our SEED Graduates taking ownership of their experience and communicating with the right supports and offices on campus to overcome any barriers. Now Quonnetta is off to go study her notes and prepare for her next quiz in Chemistry on Thursday! I'm looking forward to seeing her again for the SEED Family Dinner later this afternoon.

NCA&T Quonetta Financial Aid 10.24.2017.jpg

NCA&T Quonetta Smiling 10.24.2017.JPG

Quonnetta after our campus tour and one on one time yesterday. She just celebrated her birthday last Friday and is still excited about it!

So glad I got the chance to catch up with Darcia (SEED DC ‘14). Darcia is in her 4th year at North Carolina A&T State University majoring in Elementary Education. She is looking forward to coming back to DC to teach and give back to DC public schools. We sat and reminisced about our College Outreach Visit her first year at NC A&T, Unfortunately, she has a class tonight and won’t be able to make our SEED Family Dinner. However, she got one on one time with me for lunch!

NCA&T Darcia 10.24.2017.jpg

It is a beautiful day on North Carolina A&T State University’s campus. Jasmyn (SEED DC ‘16) and I met up at the center of campus to take a new picture. Jasmyn is a 2nd year transfer student here at NC A&T. She transferred here after completing her first year at Bennett College for Women, which is right around the corner. She enjoyed her experience at Bennett. However, she wanted access to more programs and activities. She is enjoying her transition and enjoys the new Academic challenges of NC A&T. She is also now a member of their intramural Volleyball team. Volleyball is her outlet! 

I admire this friendship & sisterhood! Cierra & Quonnetta (SEED DC ‘17) are both first years at North Carolina A&T State University. They've been roommates since sixth grade at SEED, and are now continuing their tradition at NC A&T. Our SEED Graduates have 7 years of residential living experience, which makes living in college dormitories a breeze for them. 

The great thing about visiting Greensboro, NC is the close proximity of colleges our SEED Graduates attend. I came around the corner to Bennett College for Women to check in with DeAsia (SEED Maryland '16). She is in her second year majoring in Biology. We caught up before heading to the SEED Family Dinner with the rest of the SEED Graduates in the area.

NCA&T DeAsia 10.24.2017.jpg

NCA&T Dinner Collage 10.24.2017.jpg

There is nothing like bringing together a group of SEED Graduates from the classes of 2014-2017 for a SEED Family Dinner. North Carolina A&T State University, Bennett College, and The University of North Carolina at Greensboro are all represented tonight! We are thankful to be able to bring our SEED Graduates together to reminisce about times at SEED, their college experiences, and advice from the older Graduates.

The first half of my trip is complete at North Carolina A&T State University. Thank you for following my journey today! Next Stop: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro - UNCG, and next week at St. Mary's College of Maryland. I have thoroughly enjoyed checking in with our SEED Graduates this season and look forward to continuing to support them through to college completion.