#SEEDGradsSucceed: College Outreach Visits straight from our CTS Advisors (Part 4)


Our advisors' annual College Outreach Visits are a key ingredient to CTS's "secret sauce." Below, follow Ashley and Lydia as they visit Tayhlor (SEED DC '15), Bianca (SEED MD '17), and Charda (SEED MD '17) at Towson University. (Scroll down for previous installments in the #SEEDGradsSucceed series!)

Towson Ashley Hello 10.17.2017.JPG

9:00 AM: Arriving on campus at Towson University

Good morning SEED network! My name is Ms. Murray and I am one of the newest College Success Advisors with the College Transition & Success (CTS) Team at SEED! I'm so excited to be taking over the Foundation's social media today, along with my colleague Ms. Weiss as we visit Towson University for the first time ever! On this College Outreach Visit, I get to meet junior Tayhlor (SEED DC '15) and learn more about her time so far at Towson. I hope you enjoy this journey with me as I sit in on class, form relationships with campus administrators who support our students, and learn more about what Towson has to offer! 

11:00 AM: Touring Towson with Tayhlor

Please meet the lovely Tayhlor (SEED DC '15; Towson '19)! Tayhlor is a junior studying Theatre Production and Design. What she enjoys most about Towson is the environment. She told me that she had no expectations when she transferred here, but she loved how diverse the campus was! Tayhlor led me on a campus tour which ended at her favorite building, the Center for the Arts. All of her classes are in this building, and she's even worked on a student production here called "The Queen's Curse". And in a couple weeks she will begin working on her second production! Now we're off to class! 

Towson Meet Taylhor 10.17.2017.jpg

Towson Taylhor Theater History 10.17.2017.jpg

12:00 PM: Time for Class

I'm currently sitting in on Tayhlor's Theatre History class, listening to a group presentation on the classical Sanskrit play, Shakuntala. Tayhlor's group did their presentation a few weeks ago on the Greek tragedy, Antigone. I think it's amazing all the different cultures and histories they get to learn about in the classroom!


3:00 PM: A Few Friendly Faces

Hey everyone, look who I found! Ms. Weiss is also at Towson visiting SEED Maryland '17 grads J'Vaughn, Bianca, and Charda. We just left the Center for Student Diversity where we learned of some really great resources for Towson students! They do a lot to support first-generation college students, from hosting networking opportunities to offering scholarships! The Director of Student Success Programs stressed that students who stay connected tend to persist better through college. It is wonderful to know our students can receive so much support, and we can't wait to get them connected!

Towson Lydia and Ashley 10.17.2017.jpg

9:00 AM: Towson COV Takeover Day Two!

Good morning, SEED friends! I'm back and ready for day number TWO at Towson University. My first stop is class with Charda (SEED MD '17) then class with Bianca (SEED MD '17). After that, I'm going to connect them with a few on-campus resources, like the folks at the Office of Diversity and Student Affairs that Ms. Murray and I met with yesterday. I'm beside myself with excitement (can you tell?) to be spending another day on this beautiful campus with my fabulous grads!

Towson Lydia Hello 10.19.2017.JPG

Towson Charda 10.18.2017.jpg

12:00 PM: Productive Pizza Party!

I just finished sitting in class with my grads, now it's time for one-on-one meetings - starting with Charda! We are completing her FAFSA application (hooray for it being open already!) for 2018-2019. Not only are we being productive by getting this important task finished before the deadline, but it was made even better with a slice of free pizza!

1:00 PM: Time for Some Brain Food! 

Next stop: LUNCH. It was great spending time with these two! They haven't seen each other since starting school at Towson, so they had a lot to catch up on. My stomach hurts from laughing so much - they have such good energy!

Towson Charda and Bianca Lunch 10.19.2017.jpg

Towson Bianca Dorm 10.19.2017.jpg

3:00 PM: Touring the Dorms with Bianca

After lunch, I did a campus tour and one-on-one time with Bianca. The first stop was her dorm - she lives in a suite with a sophomore. Bianca likes her dorm, especially because it's close to all her classes on campus. She said her RA is very involved and her floor is always doing fun things together as a group!

Towson Charda and Bianca Sign 10.19.2017.jpg

6:00 PM: Saying So Long to our SEED Grads!

Second day at Towson: COMPLETE. It was great spending the day with Bianca and Charda, and getting to learn what a day in their shoes looks like! Thanks for following me during this Social Media Takeover, and stay tuned for Mr. Frasier's College Outreach Visit at North Carolina A&T State University next week!