Road-Tripping with Purpose: Part 2

Jordan Visits DeAsia and Jasmyn at Bennett College for Women

College Outreach Visits have always been a SEED staple because they cement the graduate-advisor relationship and ease the transition to college. This fall, we asked our College Transition & Success (CTS) advisors to take over our social media handle and share first-hand accounts from their college outreach visits across the country. Below is our second installment, from when Jordan visited first years DeAsia and Jasmyn as well as upperclasswomen Markeisha, Cierra and Imani. (Scroll down to see our first installment from Joi and Liz!)

9:30am: Arrive on Campus

Good morning! I'm Jordan Frasier, College Success Advisor for the SEED Foundation's College Transition and Success (CTS) program. I am excited to take over the SEED Foundation's social media pages to highlight an exciting part of our programming. I am currently in Greensboro, NC at Bennett College for Women visiting DeAsia & Jasmyn, who are first year SEED Graduates!

Also, I'll be checking in later with our older graduates Markeisha, Cierra, and Imani, who are in their second and third years. Through our College Outreach Visits, we experience a day in the life of our enrolled graduates. I am excited to share my day with you!

1:00pm: Campus Tour & Catching Up with DeAsia

DeAsia gave me a tour of campus and her dorm. She was placed in the honors dorm on campus. Also, during our time she shared that she Aced her Spanish midterm, Yay! I'm really enjoying checking in on her transition into Bennett College.

3:45pm: Reflection with Markeisha, a sophomore

I just finished spending time catching up with Markeisha, who is a 2nd year Bennett College Belle. We had a great conversation about persistence and resilience. She is fresh off her fall break and ready to get back to work. Also, it helps that she got the chance to see President Obama speak at North Carolina A&T State University yesterday.

8:00pm: SEED Family Dinner

We have had a great day at Bennett College! In SEED tradition, we are having a SEED Family dinner with all the students at Bennett College & North Carolina A&T State University.

9:15pm: Farewell Hugs & Pictures

Well everyone it's time for me to sign off! We had a great day at Bennett College for Women. Jasmyn and DeAsia are doing well and getting a feel for their new lives in college. Thank you for following me today and please be on the lookout for the next CTS Takeover!