Road-Tripping with Purpose: Tales of College Outreach Visits straight from our CTS Advisors (Part 1)

Joi and Liz visit Myiah, SEED DC '16, at Georgetown University

College Outreach Visits have always been a SEED staple because they cement the graduate-advisor relationship and ease the transition to college.This fall, we asked our College Transition & Success (CTS) advisors to take over our social media handle and share first-hand accounts from their college outreach visits across the country. Below is our first installment, from when Joi and Liz visited Myiah, a recent SEED DC graduate and freshman at Georgetown University! 

8:00am: Arrive at Georgetown (coffees in hand)

Good morning! I'm Joi Baker, College Success Manager for the SEED Foundation's College Transition and Success (CTS) program. I'm joined today by Liz Middleton, College Success Advisor on the CTS Team. We are excited to take over the SEED Foundation's social media pages to highlight an exciting part of programming. We are headed to Georgetown University to visit Myiah, a 1st year SEED graduate! Through our College Outreach Visits, we experience a day in the life of our enrolled graduates. We're excited to share our day with you!

11:00am: Attend Myiah's "Problems of God" theology class

Myiah is a first year International Relations major in the School of Foreign Services. This is Myiah after her theology class, Problems of God. She shared with us that this class is about building relationships, so student participation is really important here. We're thankful we weren't called on during class discussion!

11:50 am: Speak with Georgetown administrators in the School of Foreign Service

Myiah is introducing us to the deans in her department, the School of Foreign Service. She has already made wonderful connections within her school--everyone in this office knows her name! These deans help students like Myiah navigate topics like academic planning and time management. While we wait, Joi and Myiah discuss adjusting to life on a college campus. #CTStravels

12:15pm: Lunch! 

It's the grads' favorite part of the trip--lunch on CTS! We took Myiah to Mai Thai of Georgetown.

2:12pm: Meet Myiah's Financial Aid Advisor

Myiah, Ms. Middleton, and I visited the Office of Student Financial Services. We met Myiah's Financial Advisor, Ms. Vairapandi, who was VERY helpful and knowledgeable. Myiah has some great supports!

3:40pm:  Farewell Hugs and Photographs

We got a quick picture of Myiah in front of Healy Hall with the iconic statue of Georgetown founder John Carroll, before dropping her off at her International Relations class and saying goodbye. We had a wonderful visit at Georgetown today and can't wait to keep visiting our grads on campus! 

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