SEED Students Catch a Glimpse of their Futures at the SEED Graduate Panels

How do college dorms compare to SEED dorms? What SEED programs were the most helpful in preparing our graduates for college? And what exactly does CTS support "to and through college" mean? 

These were just a few of the questions that our graduates answered for 10th-, 11th-, and 12th-graders at SEED DC and SEED Maryland during our annual graduate panels. Each panel featured graduates from both SEED schools who currently attend (or graduated from) a wide range of colleges--HBCUs and PWIs; small schools and large; private and public institutions; located in rural and urban areas. This gave SEED students the opportunity to learn about the incredible array of educational opportunities available to them, and how important it is that they "thoroughly research all the universities" that they are interested in, as panelist Eriel Holloway (SEED DC '12, Alabama State University '16) exhorted them to do.

Other SEED graduate nuggets of advice  include:

  • The best academic preparation for college are SEED's AP courses--take advantage of them!
  • SEED students should all study abroad while they have the chance, as SEED makes studying abroad more convenient, and more affordable, than many universities do
  • CTS advisors will answer graduates' texts day and night, visit them on campus, and have even helped graduates gain additional scholarship funds from their universities
  • Students should start networking and interning in their desired fields right away, to gain the connections they'll need for their future careers

And above all:

  • "Just go to class. I know it's cliche, but just do it."