Road-Tripping with Purpose: Part 4

Jordan visits Cody (SEED DC '16) at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

In the fourth and final installment from fall 2016, Jordan gives his first-hand account of visiting recent SEED graduate and college freshman Cody. Scroll further down our blog for earlier recaps! 

9:00am: Arrive at University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

Good morning again! I'm Jordan Frasier, College Success Advisor for the SEED Foundation's College Transition and Success (CTS) program. I am excited to take over The SEED Foundation's social media pages to highlight an exciting part of our programming. I am currently at University of Pittsburgh at Bradford visiting Cody, who is a SEED Graduate from The SEED School of Washington, D.C. Class of 2016! Cody is a freshman computer information systems and technology major. I'm looking forward to touring campus, meeting administrators, observing English class, and catching up. Through our College Outreach Visits, we experience a day in the life of our enrolled graduates. I am excited to share my day with you!

11:00am: Checking Out Cody's Dorm

I just finished touring campus and checking out Cody's Dorm. Cody is checking to make sure one of his final scholarships is processing before we meet with a few administrators on campus. Cody is enjoying University of Pittsburgh at Bradford so far and has really gotten connected on campus. He is glad he attended U PITT beginners (Freshmen Orientation) over the summer. There, he met his roommate and most of his current friends on campus.

12:00pm: Meet with School Leadership from Admissions, Advising, Financial Aid, and Enrollment! 

I just finished meeting with University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Director of Admissions, Director of the Academic Advising Center, Director of Financial Aid, Vice President for Enrollment Management, and Cody's financial aid counselor. They wanted to get in on the social media fun after a great meeting discussing the enrollment, financial, social/emotional & academic services on campus. They all work closely together and embody the family feel at UPITT-Bradford.

2:00pm: Shadowing Cody in English Class

In Cody's English class, they worked on the newest updates to MLA formatting. The professor had the students conducting a scavenger hunt in their writing manual so they know where to find the resources outside of class time. Cody shared with me that he currently has a B+ and rising in English as of the mid semester.

3:00pm: Financial Aid Planning!

We found time to make sure Cody's financial aid is straight for the rest of the year, that his FAFSA is submitted for 2017-2018, and that he fills out an application for the TRIO program. It is important for our graduates to be up-to-date on their financial aid and connected to the right resources on their college campuses. Cody has gone above and beyond in the short two months he has been on campus making sure he is set for success.

4:00pm: Farewell Hugs & Pictures

I've known Cody since he was a sixth grader at The SEED School of Washington, D.C. It was great to see him flourishing on his college campus the same way he did at SEED. He is hoping to apply to be a Resident Advisor next year, to continue his passion for the arts as he did with The SEED Falcon Theatre, and to continue to stay on top of his academics. He is proud to say that he is happy to be a Panther with his new diverse group of friends, great supports on campus, and his involvement in clubs & organizations. I look forward to following Cody's journey and hope to share more updates on his continued success.

Now on to my next stops to see more of our SEED Graduates at Mercyhurst UniversityAllegheny CollegeLee University, and Alabama State University this week!

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