At The SEED School of Miami, back-to-school season begins weeks before the first day of school. Teschon Delva, (SEED Miami ’23) is one student who remembers how his early SEED experience helped to ease his transition to middle school and set the stage for a successful educational journey.

Prior to his first day, Teschon received a home visit from a member of the SEED team. “Ms. Ortero [director of talent management], spoke with me and my dad about all the opportunities that SEED provides. Having her take the time to answer our questions really meant a lot.”  

Teschon also attended SEED Miami’s new student orientation. The orientation provided him with a crash course on what to expect at a boarding school.“During new student orientation, I stayed in a dorm for one week. I was only eleven years old, so this was an exciting experience. I also met my peers who would become my roommates during the school year.”  

Now in the ninth grade, Teschon is confident that coming to SEED was the right decision. “SEED is one of a kind. The support system I have here is great. I have so many people I can talk to if I need help and so many opportunities to grow.”