Julius Moye (SEED DC ‘20) knows first-hand how starting at a boarding school can be difficult. 

“I struggled when I first got to SEED, but once I got the support I needed, I really began to excel. I am now taking five AP courses, I’m on the honor roll and I am building leadership skills that will help me in the future.” 

Julius is now sharing the lessons he has learned with his younger peers so they, too, can be successful.

“I’m serving as a lead mentor in Peer Group Connection again this year. As a leader in this group, I mentor our ninth-grade students and assist them with adjusting to living and studying at a boarding school. I’m really looking forward to continuing to help our new students transition smoothly.” 

Julius’s future looks bright! In addition to giving back to others during his senior year, he is busily applying to colleges and researching scholarships. He has dreams of working for NASA one day.