Arnice, In Her Own Words.

Arnice graduated from The SEED School of Washington, DC in 2011 and Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) in December 2015 with a major in communications with a concentration in public relations and a minor in music. While at SEED, Arnice was a member of the drama club, attended a service learning conference in Nashville, Tennessee, and participated in a number of school musicals.

Describe your experience at SEED.

I would describe my experience at SEED as unforgettable.  I was afforded the opportunity to grow up with a great group of people; we were all different, but in some ways we were all the same. The staff and teachers also made my experience great, and I had some really awesome supporters--Mr. Morgan, Ms. McCrary, and Ms. Brown. Through Dr. Bagley and Mr. Frasier, I was able to connect to my artistic side by participating in school plays and musicals.

Arnice speaking to younger SEED graduates about her college experience at the annual SEED Graduate Institute.

Arnice speaking to younger SEED graduates about her college experience at the annual SEED Graduate Institute.

Overall, it was a great experience. Now that I am older, I can say that SEED was in fact a gift. Most people don’t have the opportunity to experience attending a school for both middle and high school. Some people also aren’t as fortunate to have teachers that are less concerned with just passing you, but actually seeing your progress as a student AND as a person.

What was the most difficult part of transitioning to college and in what ways did SEED prepare you?

The most difficult part of transitioning to college was time management. At SEED, your time is pretty much scheduled, but in college you have to make your own schedule and hold yourself accountable. During my junior and senior year, they allowed us to be more vocal, make more decisions, and treated us more like young adults, so transitioning to college was a little easier than expected. As a result, I was able to prioritize and get a better handle on my time management once I put into action what SEED had instilled in me.

What did you like best about Elizabeth City State University (ECSU)?

I liked that ECSU is family oriented. It is a small school and everyone is close--it reminds me a lot of SEED. At ECSU, professors know you by your name and not by a number. They look out for you constantly, in addition to actually teaching you. I even had my professors’ cell numbers and I felt comfortable reaching out to them for guidance and advice.  

What 3 adjectives best describe you?

Three adjectives that best describe me are: adventurous, confident, and fabulous!