Where Are They Now? Antwain Coward (SEED DC ’06, Case Western ’10, Georgetown ‘14) Establishes DistrictCryo

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Since our founding in 1998, SEED has remained dedicated to providing underserved youth with an excellent education and the support they need to fulfill their dreams of becoming college graduates. This commitment has led to 502 students securing their high school diplomas and to 107 obtaining their bachelor’s degrees.

One of these graduates is Antwain Coward (SEED DC ’06). Now serving as a member of The SEED Foundation Board of Directors, Antwain has chosen to give back to the place he says made him “want to be exceptional.”

We caught up with Antwain this month to learn more about his college journey and where he is now.

What college or university did you attend?

I attended Case Western Reserve University, where I majored in finance and minored in information systems.

How was your transition from SEED to college?

I felt well-prepared for college after graduating from SEED. As a freshman at Case, I was ahead of most of my peers in reading, and in math I was right there. The AP courses I took at SEED really helped. I attribute a lot of my college success to the courses I took at SEED.

Did you stay connected to SEED while at Case?

A distinguishing element of SEED is the College Transition & Success (CTS) program. I remember it being in its early stages when I started at Case. Ms. Allen [founding staff member of the program] visited me to ensure my transition from SEED to college was smooth. She taught me to be my own advocate and to constantly seek professional and financial resources.

Through the CTS program, I also received stipends to help assist with day-to-day expenses. I also received care packages—which were a blessing.

What did you do after graduating from Case?

I always had an entrepreneurial itch. While working at KPMG as an experienced associate - financial manager, I enrolled at Georgetown University and obtained my master’s in technology management. Soon thereafter, I learned about cryotherapy [using cold temperatures as a medical therapy]. I flew to the only place on the East Coast specializing in this service. I tried it, saw its immediate impact, and knew it would be great for DC.

In 2016, I opened Washington DC’s first and only recovery and rejuvenation lab—DistrictCryo—to help individuals refresh from the wear and tear of everyday life.

How did your experience at SEED impact you?

SEED helped me realize that I had true potential and that I could be successful. They taught me the importance of being confident, which allowed me to vocalize my opinion in front of audiences, head organizations full of intelligent college students, network, and establish relationships with key individuals.

In addition to being academically prepared for college, SEED taught me essential life skills—like how to properly tie a tie and how to cook!

SEED made me want to be exceptional—and today I am living my dream.

To learn more about Antwain Coward and DistrictCryo, click here.