SEED DC Celebrates 12th Annual Founders Day!

In 1998, The SEED School of Washington, D.C. broke ground in the educational field as the nation's first college-preparatory, public boarding school. A few years later, the school established Founders day to honor Raj Vinnakota and Eric Adler, as well as the other leaders whose tireless efforts created and sustain this home-away-from-home for hundreds of students.

After some opening remarks from Head of School Mecha Inman, senior Johnae sang the Black National Anthem and ninth-grader Kavon led the school in a recitation of the SEED pledge. SEED Foundation CEO Lesley Poole--who was the second person hired to work for SEED in 1997--described her personal history and urged students to use their personal agency to propel their own futures. SEED graduate Alexis (SEED DC '10, Trinity Washington University '15) shared some of her favorite reminiscences from her school days and thanked the staff members who helped shape her life.

Following a longstanding Founders Day tradition, two seniors were presented with the Vinnakota Award, which recognizes academic and personal growth and achievement. Additionally, three members of the SEED DC staff received commemorative SEED chairs in honor of their four year anniversary serving the school.