Careers at SEED

Why Join SEED?

  • This is an entrepreneurial and fluid environment – you will never be bored, and will have easy access to all levels of management within the organization.
  • You will be a part of an innovative organization with staff that are extremely focused and intent on creating long-term value. Your colleagues are professional and committed to their work, and respectful and responsive to each other.
  • You can take pride in knowing that your efforts will be in service to furthering the educational opportunities of underserved children and their families. Ultimately, your work will help to create a better future that will profoundly impact the lives of students and their families and will have a long-term, generation-altering impact.

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Below, you will find employment opportunities across the SEED network. Click on the job title to read the full description.

The SEED Foundation

1776 Massachusetts Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20036

Shernett Gardener, HR Specialist

  • Academic Teachers (2017-2018 school year)
  • Campus Operations Technician
  • High School Math Teacher
  • Night-Time Resident Advisor
  • Resident Advisors
  • Special Education Teacher (High School Math)
  • Special Education Teacher (Middle School Math)

  • Academic Teachers (2017-2018 school year)
  • Bus Driver (part-time)
  • Enrichment Instructor (part-time)
  • High School Chemistry Teacher 
  • Middle School Science Teacher
  • Student Life Assistant (split-shift)

The SEED School of Maryland

200 Font Hill Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21223

Alex Koutta, Director of Human Resources

  • Academic Teachers (2017-2018 school year)
  • Director of High School Academic Affairs
  • Development Associate
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • Middle School Life Sciences Teacher
  • Morning Program Advisor (part-time)
  • Resident Advisor (split-shift)
  • Student Life Counselor

The SEED School of Miami

15900 NW 42nd Avenue
Miami Gardens, Florida 33054

Wendie Felde, Human Resources Generalist