Our Students are Going Places.

Literally. At SEED, they turn the world into a classroom.

From studying abroad in Greece to participating in international technology conferences in Miami, SEED students are building a legacy for themselves and their communities on their path to college completion.

But don't take our word for it--see for yourself:


Jada, 9th Grader at SEED Miami

Augustine, Junior at SEED Maryland

shaquita in lab.PNG

Swapping bathing suits for lab coats at Johns Hopkins University

The world is our students’ classroom—but some of our best opportunities are in our own backyard. This summer, five SEED Maryland students spent eight weeks working hands-on in a Johns Hopkins University medical lab. Not only did they support graduate student research by helping to run tests and analyze data, they also delivered major presentations about their research and findings. 

This longstanding partnership, launched by SEED supporters Lynn Venetoulis and Dr. Doug Robinson, goes beyond exposing our students to a world-renowned research facility. During this paid internship, students also enrolled in JHU-taught enrichment courses in math, writing, and science, giving them yet another glimpse of their future lives at college.

At first I was intimidated by the research, but by the end of the summer, I was running my own lab experiments.
— Shaquita, SEED Maryland Class of 2018, pictured above in her lab

Jackie, SEED Maryland Class of 2017

The SEED staff shows you that you can go to college and become somebody. That’s what I want to show my siblings.

Jackie has benefited from so much at SEED that she can’t wait to give back to her community and set an example for others. She has enjoyed six years of opportunities—from dual enrollment classes to volleyball, soccer to African drumming. She’s also felt the 24/5 support of SEED staff like SEED MD librarian Mrs. Rinehart, who tutored her weekly—after her official work hours—to make sure Jackie understood AP Government. Jackie hopes to pay it forward one day by becoming a doctor and returning to her native Tanzania to treat those in need. But Jackie is not waiting until graduation to give back. Last summer, Jackie volunteered at a homeless shelter, serving food to those in need. As the first member of her family who will go to college, Jackie is also a role model for her younger brother and sisters. She can’t wait to watch them follow her path to SEED and, eventually, college.  


Every day, we talk about core values. SEED will help prepare me to be a better man in life and to make good choices.

In many ways, Owen Navas is a normal kid. He loves basketball, playing video games on the weekends, and his grandmother’s cooking. But just like his 60 classmates at SEED Miami, Owen lives an exceptional life from Sunday to Friday evening as a member of SEED Miami’s first class. That means no TV or video games. It means regular community meetings where students and staff talk about modeling the school’s core values. It means study halls and reading groups each evening. And it means doing all of this outside of the home he is accustomed to. For someone so young, Owen has a remarkably mature understanding of why SEED’s unique environment is important to him. He knows he is lucky to have individual attention from teachers and student support staff as well as an education immersed in character development. He also knows that living on a college campus (Florida Memorial University) is a benefit afforded to few so young. And just as he is excited to set an example to the classes that have and will come after him, he has enjoyed looking up to the college students he sees living out his own dream every day.