deja malone, College Success Advisor

Jordan Frasier is a college success advisor at The SEED Foundation. He serves as a postsecondary resource for SEED graduates as they transition to college and assists students with the academic, financial, and personal challenges associated with college enrollment and success. After earning his bachelor’s degree in administration of justice from Howard University, Jordan remained in Washington, D.C. In 2009, Jordan began his journey within the SEED network as life skills counselor with a focus area in college readiness at The SEED School of Washington D.C. (SEED DC). During his time at SEED DC, Jordan worked closely with upper school students, male students in the dormitory life, and SEED DC’s College Café team, where he taught college seminar courses. Also at SEED DC, he served as a chaperone for LearnServe Zambia, a summer staff member for the City Kids Wilderness Project in Jackson, Wyoming, and will continue to be the production coordinator for the SEED Falcon Theater program. Jordan is an avid theater goer and enjoys traveling.