The SEED Foundation


SEED’s track record is proven. We’re exceptionally proud of our students for their hard work and commitment to graduating from high school and college.  About 80% of SEED graduates are first-generation, college-bound students.

83% of all SEED graduates have enrolled immediately in college.

93% of all SEED graduates have enrolled in college as of Fall 2015.

64% of SEED graduates who initially enroll at SEED-endorsed “green” colleges graduate.

39% of all SEED graduates who graduated from SEED at least five years ago have earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree.


Sixty-four percent of SEED graduates have college degrees or are currently enrolled in college (classes of 2011-2015).

They attend college in almost 20 states across the country, and they go on to a mix of private and public institutions: historically black and predominately white; and small-, medium-, and large-sized colleges.

Our College Counseling and College Transition & Success (CTS) teams work closely with students/graduates to select colleges that are good matches for their particular needs, personalities, and goals.  Learn more about the role of CTS support in our graduates’ success, and about SEED’s three-tier college matching system.