The SEED Foundation


Principle #1 – College-Bound Culture

SEED schools use a standards-based, college-preparatory model that provides children with the academic, organizational, and professional life skills and supports that enable each child to attend and succeed in college.  In addition to a rigorous educational program, SEED commits to a structured college counseling program, starting in middle school and continuing through high school, with frequent and varied college exposure and spiraled instruction in how to navigate the college process.

Principle #2 – 24-hour Learning Environment

SEED’s boarding school model deepens student learning.  SEED commits to keeping every child safe and secure, to using the gift of time to know and nurture each student’s passions, and to providing seamless, consistent and fulfilling academic and life experiences.  SEED also takes pride in providing responsive administrative services and a well-maintained physical campus, all of which reflect the SEED core values and college-preparatory mission.

Principle #3 – Positive Culture of High Expectations

SEED students and staff are expected to relentlessly pursue excellence and to consistently exhibit the SEED core values of responsibility, respect, self-discipline, compassion and integrity.  SEED will uphold these values, provide clear communication about school expectations and protocols, and support all members of our community so that they can contribute positively and learn to be reflective about their own growth.  SEED believes that all members of our community should be celebrated for their growth and achievements. 

Principle #4 – Integrated and Engaging Program to Foster Love of Learning

SEED staff are committed to the belief that every child can succeed with the right resources.  SEED schools help each child find his or her passion through a relevant academic curriculum, after school enrichment, student leadership opportunities, and authentic experiences during the school year and summer. 

Principle #5 – Individual Student Support

Each SEED student is unique and deserves individual attention to their needs.  SEED commits to intentional student orientation programs, targeted student support services and coordinated communication between students, parents and practitioners.

Principle #6 – Focus on Data and Continuous Improvement

SEED schools use frequent and varied assessments and data analysis to show students their own progress and to keep practitioners focused and accountable.  On a broader systemic level, SEED commits to comprehensive technology integration and using school-wide data management plans and systems to inform decision making.

Principle #7 – Recruiting and Nurturing Outstanding Educators

All of the adults within the SEED community are teachers and role models.  SEED schools commit, first, to hiring exceptional adults, and, second, to coaching, training and supporting them so that they can better guide the achievement and success of all SEED students.

Principle #8 – Family and School Partnership

Active partnerships with parents/guardians are essential to the success of SEED students.  With clear and regular communication and on-campus events, opportunities to contribute to school governance, and through educational workshops, SEED collaborates with our families to enable them to best support our students and the school mission.  Each SEED campus is a welcoming environment for students, families, staff and visitors.

Principle #9 – Community Relationships

SEED schools are contributing members of the community and believe that the community has essential resources to augment the educational experience of SEED youth.  Through community service and strategic outreach, SEED is committed to establishing relationships with organizations and individuals who have the time and/or means to enhance the college preparation process for our youth.